Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm going to vent!

Will EBRPD's Crab Cove be closed on the 4th?
Boy, doesn't this sound promising--the predictions for the week(s) ahead! Temperatures in the Bay Area and beyond climbing to, or surpassing, record levels. Brentwood, less than 30 miles from here, expected to see 108 degrees by midweek. Phoenix, AZ may see 120!

Our local transit system--BART--is warning that their transit workers may go on strike on Sunday night. Hundreds of thousands of people depend on the system to get to work throughout the region. BART spokespeople are suggesting that people use "casual carpooling" as an alternative. This may be a fun way to get across the Bay, but hardly adequate to transport the thousands. Buses and ferries are supposed to add to their number of runs, and continue their services for longer hours, but this only begins to meet the demand.

And now I read that the union workers for East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) are planning to walk out on July 4 and 5 if their contract negotiations  don't go anywhere. That means on what may well be the hottest day of the year, when families are celebrating the holidays and their summer vacations, most swimming areas will be roped off, summer programs will not run, and restrooms and trash will not be tended to. Officials are asking for the public's cooperation in keeping the parks tidy!

There is one bright spot, however, the temperatures at the coast next week are expected to be in the 70s; care to join me on a foggy coast in Northern California? Of course you'll have to be prepared to come up with the additional 3.5-cent state gas tax that begins on Monday--we'll then be paying 71.9 cents-- the highest in the nation. At that rate, I may soon be walking everywhere out of necessity, rather than for pleasure.


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