Friday, October 26, 2012

Giving birth twice brings pleasure and pain!

Things have definitely moved forward! We edited and edited and edited some more, and then we sent the manuscript in for the proof copy. More things to be adjusted     too many "orphans"     the first line of a paragraph at the bottom of a page or column, or too many "widows"     the last line of a paragraph at the top of a page or column. (There are more examples of orphans and widows given in a column by Jacci Howard Bear here.)

We made some corrections and finally sent in an order for 50 copies of the book. Pleasure! We drank some champagne with friends, I sent out invitations to a few friends for a private book launch, and I posted a few items on Facebook.

Pain quickly followed! A house guest, who is a graphic designer, gave the book the once over. She suggested some adjustments to the graphics. Ralph, who had done all the mechanics of the book (with my input from time to time)     the layout, the photos and illustrations, and the cover, had solicited her comments. I, on the other hand, did not want anyone at that point to be critical of anything.

I wanted to be told that my baby was perfect     all fingers and toes in the proper places! I cried and railed...but eventually calmed down enough to take it all in stride. We made the suggested changes, we resubmitted the book to the printer, we ordered some of the "improved" copies and we are once again publishing a new book.

I hope Patagonia Chronicle: On Foot in Torres del Paine soon shows "In stock and read to ship" instead of today's message of "Out of print -- limited quantity available." Check if you would like a good book about our adventures in Patagonia and you would like to know how you (or a friend) can make your way to this amazing region too.

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